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Validity period June 1, 2022 (Wed) — June 30, 202 virtual sex emulator 2 (Thu)
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WM head campaign resumed!

Target: 140cm and more WM doll limited
+ Get one company's TPE head!
+ Extra wigs (not specified)
+ Additional head pupils can be specified!
+ Body makeup is added free!
+ Free addition of jelly ch sey doll ests!

①. Knuckle function is added free! (≥150cm TPE Love Doll Limited)
② .2 pairs of eyes gift! (Not specified)
③. Comes with a pair of silicone socks!
Go to Momodoll page Target: ≥ 128cm momoDoll

+ Free self standing feature added!
+ jelly chests added free
+ A pair of eyes included! (Not specified)
+1 dress gift!

Go to the WaxDoll benefits page + Free addition of knuckles (only for dolls over 110cm)
+HardFeet (no bolts with upright function) for extra free!
+Add EVO skeleton for free!
+ Flocking eyebrows and eyelashes sex dolls uk are added free!
+ Super realistic body makeup free! (Full silicone product only)
+Soft finish on buttocks and thighs free! (Limited to full silicone products)

Go to Irokebijin page 140cm full silicone doll comes with 1 set of bikinis!
Go to AXBDOLL page Body makeup (original price 25,000 yen) is extra free! Compatible with any skin color!
NOTES ※If you have any questions, please contact the chat on the left or Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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We offer the highest qu love dolls for you ality and bargain love dolls in the real doll industry. Yourdoll's Authorized Distributors are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services at a great pric online sex robot e. We value a customer perspective and seek to provide you with the best possible customer silicone adult dolls experience and to provide real love dolls that adapt to your needs. We currently handle love dolls of 3 doll robot sex different materials. Silicone doll, tpe doll, female sex doll love doll can be purchased. Yourdoll Authorized Love Do realdolls videos ll Distributor and the most popular are WM Doll and MomoDoll, Axbdoll, Sedoll, and gay real doll Waxdoll. At the end, silicone love dolls are more valuable than other stores. We add a paid option in other stores, for example, eyebrow and eyelash flocking items for free. Please enjoy it by all means.

Discover Features

Features of Love Doll

We have a wide range of love dolls and sell different types of love dolls. Wmdoll, Sedoll, some Waxdoll are beautiful and the face looks very beautiful. Especially WM Doll and booty sex doll WaxDoll Western Love Doll have realistic body lines and are very beautiful. Momodoll, Axbdoll, and Piper Doll silicone adult sex toys mainly develop loli, two-dimensional dolls, which are celebrity look alike sex too capable to heal their feelings. Decorate your room with your favorite costume robot and human sex and take a variety of pictures, but you will also become an object of bed-sharing, sex practice table and affection.

Love Doll videos

Factory tour and manufacturing process of love doll

doll display

About TPE Love Doll

One of the materials called elastomer is the material called TPE, which has recently begun to be used in the medical field.
In addition, its field of activity seems to be expanding into the love doll industry, and in fact the trader who made real dolls with silicone until now anime com sex has been using TPE material I'm starting to switch to.
While TPE dolls have a similar appearance to humans like silicone dolls, they have low raw material costs and less manufacturing process, so the price is about half of the silicone doll.
The advantages of TPE are the following advantages over silicon:
● soft
●Good tactile
●Smell is low

shuffy boobs

Soft and all-you-can-touch & all-you-can-licking, and paisuri is also doll swx possible! I want to knead it all the time.


sexy back

In the shoulder line and back, there are plenty of phero future sexbots mones that stimulate libido, and the line from the waist to the butt also feels endless eros.


Realistic genitals

Complete reproduction of Vagina and Anal! With strong adhesion and intertwining, you wake up to a transcendental pl ssx doll easure while hitting bread bread and waist.


Peach Ass Temptation

The crevices of peach buttocks and buttocks that have been tightene html5 sex simulator d up and crush are attractive. Nudy raw buttocks are also good, but staggered but mature love doll tocks such as T-back underwear are also sensational.

About YOURDOLL mail order shop

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. More than 1000 assortments!
TPE material, silicone material, upper body, lower body, male doll, man's daughter doll, etc.
Doll parts and storage supplies are also available.

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If you have an image of the face or body of the person you want, we will make it exactly like it (TPE material or silicone mater real doll silicone ial is ok at all)


Nationwide shipping cost 0 yen

Free shipping all over the country safe and secure packaging


24 hours

Also accepted by mail, message, LINE or phone


Payment is also super convenient

Paypal, bank transfer, credit card support


Once your love doll is complete, we will contact you by email as soon as possible.
Before delivery, we will always show you the real picture of the doll by email. If there is no problem, we will do a thorough inspection in love with a doll again and we will arrange the shipment as soon as possible.
All of the photos below are photos of your doll you have traded with us, but we would appreciate it for you life size sex doll r reference.

Best Dutch Wiff Online Store

Our dolls are designed at almost every level, from details such as hairstyles and manicure to functional features such as removable vagina, skeletal structure and l high quality sex egs that can actually stand It is designed to be customized. YourDo dildo dolls ll has the best-selling Dutch Wiff on the market today. This is becaus loves doll e we offer high quality manufacturing, individual service and delivery all at affordable prices. I can't find the best lo cheap real doll ve doll like we have everywhere. It is also never at this price.
With so many designs to choose from, you can choose from a variety of materials, body types and other details to make your Dutch Wiff really your own. expensive sex robots Your doll will be unique to your desires and needs, allowing you to explore your every fantasy.

More and more

You may be wondering why you need to consider dutchweifs. The answer is simple. The preference is for each pe male sex bot rson. If the functional and practical design of dildos and other sex toys will bring you pleasure, then Dutc silicone dolls that look real h Wiff does not end there. Some of us delight with indirect stimuli, very similar to choosing favorite toppings from slices of pizza. In Dutch Wiff, you get stimulated from the complete packag real looking sex dolls e. From real skin sensations made possible with best-selling Dutch Wifes using thermoplastic elastomer or other silicone-based skin types, the actual oral sex doll person size that fits you snugly, Weight, up to dimensions body, real sex robots you will love the experience.


TPE: Thermoplastic elastomer is a mixture of polymers, usually a blend of rubber and other plastics, soft, supple, tactile, very similar to real skin It is combined to produce properties. I sexs dol t is highly desirable for the creation of adult toys, as it can be molded doll hentai to different hardness. When cured, these polymers can be very detailed and durable in shape.
SILICONE: Silicone has been a staple in the adult toy industry fo buy real dolls r years and has been better due to improved manufacturing methods. Unlike o love doll shop ld latex and rubber, silicone withstands different types of lubricants, repeated use and cleaning. Our dolls are made of medical-grade polym male real dolls ers to improve hygiene and safety of use.

Shape and function

The first thing you notice about our best Dutc sex doll manufacturers h Wifs is the attention to detail that each Dutch Wiff has. It is not a mass production novelty item. These are t roxxy robot he best love dolls available for the reason that each is a work of art. De japanese love sex tails such as possibilities, aesthetics, realistic expression, eye color and interchangeable wigs bring each perso sex doll robots nality and amazing detail quality. However, these Dutc japan real doll h Wifs are made more like a work of art than typical sex toys. T ebony dolls he delicate lines where the neck and shoulders meet, the curves under the chest, the cuts of the hips, and the delicate bends of the wrist, are modeled in mind the shape of the robot and human sex person.
Different types of skeleton structures are available to enhance the realistic appearance. This is very important for some clients, which are more visually stimulated than physical touch love dolls for sell es. But some of our dolls also have figurines that can increase irr anime sex online itation on the body and where a removable vagi mini sec doll nal warmer is needed.
With standing legs, the doll can also stand on two legs. This allows you to play fantasies and add a completely different leve real doll female l of realism to your experience. Dress the Dutch Wiff as you like, change the wig, or change your entire head to change the atmosphere a little.

You can choose from many

There is a good reason for YourDoll to be the best Dutch Wife online store, and perhaps the best is the multitude of diversity we bring to the experienc latex sex toys e. Start with a standard model, build a model from scratch with all the features you enjoy the most, or customize your Dutch Wiff as you like. Whether you are a petite and young, a sexi doll nime, thick, Californian dream or in the middle of it, you can get carried away with your favorite sex dolls toys fantasy.

Ability to customize

Bust Size/Type: Cup size real butt sex from B to H, from hard to soft, doll can suit your tas live sex dolls te.

Body shape: from petite and low to thick love doll anime , tortuous,

Each person has a preference, so it may be nice to choose according to your own taste.

Skin tone: Light color, porcelain, caramel color, or dark skin depending on your preference.

Hair Color: With a whole palette of wigs to choose from, you can indulge your fantasies in redhead, brunette, straight and dark, or blond and curly, but at your liking!
Eye Color: The details make life worthwhile to live, and these de sex simulator apps android market tails make your Dutch Wiff really life.Choose from dozens of different colors and fantasy sets, liven up the mome men and their dolls nt.
Modular Design: The modular piece allows you life size sex toys for men to replace the vagina with a tex male of doll tured, tight, or heated configuration. Easy to clean to improve hygiene, temperature control life like dolls adult led components are ready, and every detail is prepared for fun.

Take it to the next level

Dutch Wiff is an investment, but it stimulates the senses and allows you to e sedolls xplore unknown areas in the realm of joy. Whether you're alone or incorporating it into your next session with a partner, you don't know how you ca super sex doll n enjoy the best Dutch W doll sax video ifs you can find online!

Notes on buying love dolls

Recently, the number of Chinese love dolls has been increasing. Unfortunately, the imported love doll market is rampant with tpe buy counterfeit dolls, copies, imitating the goods of well-know 3d sex emulator for android n manufacturers. Very few authorized distributors only sell genuine products like our Yourdoll. Free photos of fa tpe buy mous brands such as WM Dolls, Doll House 168 and Doll4Ever We sell it as “ anime sex simulator original doll” or “genuine product” at a cheap price, and actually send copie cyberskin sex doll s. Please be careful that some of these products are made of recycled recycled materials that can cause harm to your hea 100 cm love doll lth.
Checking the real thing before delivery is our policy from the very beginning. YourDoll's Love Doll is 100% brand new and quality guaranteed! We inspect the factory and our comp japanese cute doll any twice and ship it. We have established a system so that only genuine products of good quality can be delivered. adult sex simulation We inspect the factory gay sex doll and our company twice to implement a stable and reliable quality assurance system.

If you are a first-time person Wh fake male sex toy at is a love doll?

Love dolls have different na sex robot japan mes in Europe, America family sex sim , Japan, and other regions. Many people in mainland China still call it an air doll, but in fact the true meaning love doll has nothing to do with the air doll. These dolls are completel real life tits y different from traditional air dolls, they are very realistic and their joints move like real humans. Since the internal structure of the real doll is not hollow but is clo full size sex robot gged inside, it is often called “real love doll” in China. Names such as sex dolls, adult goods, likewise real dolls and silicone love dolls are also commonly used. The first love doll was made of sil realistic female sex dolls icon (Silicon) material, so the “silicone love doll” is well known, but in fact the manufacturers who have ever made love dolls with silicone, had to say that TPE I'm starting to switch to t sexbot talk to a robot he material (elastomer). There are a lot of customers who are hard to understand the difference between silicone and TPE love dolls, and I think they were made of silicone, but they best simulated sex are actually TPE love dolls. In the West, love dolls are also called Love Doll, Sex Doll, Realistic Doll, and Life Size Dol. Many directly call it “Real Doll”. The first silicone love doll brand in the United States is “Real Doll”, which has been a pioneer in the love doll silicone paints for dolls industry in the Wes love doll demo tern market for the past 20 years, and for lovers of love dolls in Europe and the United States just like God It will be present. So many people call it “Real Doll” directly and can't be ju robot sex robot dged well either a silicone doll or a TPE doll. In Japan, it is called Love Doll, Real Doll, Silicone Doll, Life-Size Doll, but it is a foreign language that has been incorporated from Western readings.