AoTuMedoll Brand Description

AOTume DOLL is a TPE Love Doll brand that was announced at 2019 AdultExpo in China. Manufactured by Kunming Pearl Western Technology Co., Ltd, established in Kunming, Yunnan life size silicone models Province.

A fantasy character that has never existed in the real world until now appears in front of you as cheap silicone sex toys an ideal girlfriend with a real bod secx shops y. “AOTME DOLL” is a dream doll that can realize a variety of ways of fun, such as fantasy. PC screen with physical pleasure and pleasure.

Looking for anime wifs? Or maybe you already have an animated wife, but she only exists in the 2D world or i used real dolls for sale n the form of figurines and body pillows.

You are lucky because the relatively new the real doll maker Aotume is trying to turn your dream into reality. They are already very popular in Japan and Asia, but few people know them in the West.

Aotume is the only manufacturer to offer life-size anime love dolls (except f hentai love doll or Doll House 168 Shiori dolls). Finally, whether she fat sex doll is a busty schoolgirl, a shy maid, or a cute loli, it's time to order your own 3D Anime Wife. You can cosplay as you like, love, cuddle or sleep together.

They are soft, high quality, realistic and perfect for snuggling around. This is a signif sax doll price icant upgrade from the body pillow. Take the next steps to make your a oral sex doll nime wife come to life. She will f japanese realistic dolls eel like a real human!

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