SilikoDoll Brand Description

SilikoDoll uses platinum silicone to produce odorless, lifelike full silicone love dolls. Reproduc male real life dolls es the same body thickness as a real woman for the best realistic results. All dolls are e sexsimulators quipped with the most popular EVO what are sex dolls metal skeletons to achieve maximum range of motion.

Every SilikoDoll comes with realistic body painting, which, by default, shows blood vessels and skin texture, Evo's metal skeleton an lovedoll mini d jelly breasts.

SilikoDolls specializ male dolls es in super realism using super real and high resolution Dutch Wifes. Made of premium medical grade, odorle japanese real life dolls ss silicone (not TPE), and upgraded EVO skeletons that produce the real dolls shop realistic human movement.

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