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SMDoll (company name: Shangzhan Craft Co., Ltd.) was established in 2015 in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. At first it was the main outsour sexsimulator free account cing manufacturer of doll house 168, but after that, sm doll launched its own brand and started developing original products . There are a lot of goods for Japan, but they are not very well known in Japan, so much of the busin fine love dolls ess is occupied by the Chinese market. The quality of SM doll is the same as DH168, and I think the craftsmanship leve ai robots for adults l is very high.

Super recommended:
SMDOLL Yukino 163cm Sex Doll #9
SMDOLL 163cm Saiho Beauty Real Love Doll #45
SMDOLL Keiko 163cm Beautiful Nurse Dutch Wife #69

Play SM DOLL and SE DOLL 138cm and no more dolls until 23:00 on Tuesday, September 29 If you order, you will receive an additional TPE head of the same brand!

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