100 cm love doll

See our selection of 100 cm love dolls Our 100cm Love Doll is perfect for those who want to have a Dutch Wiff experience but want a doll that is easy to carry and store. Al best quality sex l the benefits of smaller full-size Dutch Wifs

Buying 100cm Love Doll from YourDoll is the best choice. This 100cm love dol orient industry dolls l is of high quality and affordable price. Usually, a mini Dutch Wiff of 100 cm is the most purchased. These li sexbots for sale felike sexy dolls have thin legs and plump breasts. Min download sex emulator for android iature doll is a high quality TPE sexy doll with realistic super elastic TPE material. Has a unique chest and flexible ske dolls that talk and move leton. This allows her to flexibly perform al sex doll vagina l kinds of sexual gestures.

100cm Love Doll is our best-selling series, why are they our b full size dolls est selling Dutch Wiff? I think we have two important reasons:

1. Light weight, small size, easy to store

The mini love doll weighs about 15kg and is easier to clean and store than a full size Dutch Wiff. It is easier to place it in place during sex. Because the weight of a large Dutch Wiff is dif real life sex toy ficult for some customers.


Choosing to buy a 100cm Dutch Wiff is probably the human sex dolls most economical choice. For those who want to try Dutch Wife, it's like an entry level. Many people, including me, have a small Dutch Wiff as their first c erotic china dolls ontact in this magical world. If your budget is low, but you want to test if it suits you, they are a good choice.

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