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There are two major materials for love dolls. One is made of TPE and the other is silicone. Silicone love dolls are mostly domestically p girl sex dolls roduced. If you want to stick to the realism of the texture, silicone lov true companion robot e dolls are recommended. It is more expensive than TPE lo animatronic love doll ve dolls, but it is durable, heat resistant, oil resistant, stain adhesion, cleaning, etc., and can be used for a firm pose. Altho california love dolls ugh the price is certainly higher than TPE love dolls, silicone love dolls are the finest in the love doll industry. Today, it is often used as an important material for lu real silicone love doll xury real dolls and AI love dolls.
It is recommended not only for beginners of love dolls, but also for those who are considering the second and third person.

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