You can try to see if the email you send from Yourdoll will reach your email address

If you send an email from us to customers using free email addresses (Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, etc.), it may be sent to your spam folder. If you do not receive an email from us, please real dolls used for sale check your spam folder as well. If it arrived in your inbox, no problem. After placing an order or after payment, we sent an email confirming the order, confirmation of tpe buy payment, and confirmation of the completed photo and the tracking number by email do.

*If you have not received it, please make sure to set the fol synthetic sex dolls lowing settings (how to remove spam) or (How to eliminate space over) It will be set to receive emails from Reflet Hawaii .

If you didn't receive an email

How to remove spam from PC email address (WEB mail)

If you are using Gmail
"@gmail .com” “@googlemail .com”

Click here for the latest setting method

If you are using Yahoo mail
"@yahoo”” mini sex @ybb”

Click here for the latest setting method

If you are using Hotmail/Outlook Mail
"@hotmail”” @outlook .jp” “@live hot doll .jp” etc

① Sign in to Outlook on the web.
Account > Block or Allow Choose
Go to Safe Senders and Recipients > Enter senders or domains her gay male sex doll e @を入力し Select the add icon in the text box and you're done.
*The setting method is subject to change from time to time, so the latest information Please c boy sex dolls heck.
Perform email sending and receiving tests

After unsetting spam, we will send you an email reception test Please make sure you can receive the email.

How to unspam your phone