160,000 to 200,000 yen Love Doll

Love dolls are unique and modern. And every year they are more popular with realdoll 2021 their stunning body and features. Realistic Dutch Wiff offers a realistic feel and fun.

The price does not always depend on the material of the doll and ranges from 160,000 to 200 thousand yen. Many companies offer very accurate customs versions with excellent materials. It sexrobot 's either TPE or silicone, but the look and design are not much different from the actual person.

These adult dolls are customizable to roxxxy sex robot meet your deepest fantasies. By changing the hair color to the skin, you can change the look. The size of the boobs can also be switched silicon sexy doll from c cup to d cup or g-cup. sexdoll for sale You can also dress up cheap dolls for sale and accessorize it to make it a sexy doll of your dreams. However, you will need to add additional cash at checkout. These dolls are not only sex toys, but also companions and investments a adult lifelike dolls nd are worth a little extra money.

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