➊ .Privacy Policy

★ Purposes of use of personal information
In our company, the personal information received from customers shall be
Used for delivery of products and materials at t make a sexy doll he time of the transaction, and
only for after-sale service after purchase I'm on it.
Personal information rec japanese cute doll eived at the time of requesting materials will be destroyed immediately after the m sex simulator no register aterial is shipped.

★ How to manage personal information
The customer's personal information and usage informati love doll prices on entered at the time of order/inquiry
We will strive to protect your personal information by establishing a safety management system to prevent loss, leakage, etc.
The acquired personal information will not be used for purposes other than the purpose of providing and improving the services
We will also respond to requests for disc real life dolls for women losure, correction, suspension of use and deletion in accordance with prescribed procedures. robots adults
Compliance and review of the Act The Company complies with Japanese laws and regulat love doll episode 1 ions applicable to personal information held and
other norms and fulfills its social responsibility will
In addition, we will continue to review and improve our efforts to protect personal information in order to ensure the protection of pe www realdolls rsonal information.

★ Update of the Privacy Policy
We may revise this guideline sex spiele pc without prior notice to the customer.

★ Inquiries about personal information
Contact us for inquiries
regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the chat.

★ Personal Information Protection Policy
YourDoll Co., Ltd has received from customers in the purchase of products and flat chested love doll requests for materials, etc. In view of the importance of protecting
personal information, we will establish a personal information management system and realize respons real looking sex dolls ible response as a company.

➋. Disclaimer

★ About cancellation
The products on this site are made to order, so your value is Please note that we are
unable to respond to services such as cancellations a silicone rubber dolls nd content changes after ordering.

If you certainly wish to cancel, the cancellation fee will be charged 20% of the amount charged.
(Cancellation application is subject to order [before shipment of goods].)

★ Return Refund Any return or
due to the customer's c life size male masterbator onvenience after the product arrives I do not accept it.
Please note that if you return the it sex robot video em without contacting us, we will decline to receive women having sex with dolls it.

★ Individual differences We
are making each
doll by hand.
Body makeup and face makeup are also done by hand, so individual differen human like dolls ces are inevitable.
Therefore, it is not exactly the same as the makeup po sexy doll for sale sted on the HP.

BREED What is bleed is like sweat that love dolls regu teen love dolls larly get is
A drop of water appears on t liebespuppe torso he surface glittering.
Especially on days when the temperature rises or the humidity rises sharply, it may appear more often.
Wipe it off with a wet towel and sprinkle it with baby powder to return to smooth skin.
And avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures, store in a well-ventilated place.

★ About the grip,
the default setting is slightly stiff.
Please rest assured that it will become softer with frequency of use.
Also, the original grip does not last forever.
Please note that there is a decrease in grip due to fatigue.

★ Color transfer
When wearing colored clothes, etc., the color transfer to the doll There is
Be sure to wash clothes tha real life size sex doll t you think will change
color several times and make sure they do not fade before orient industry dolls wearing them.
Also, if you leave it for too long, it will be difficult to fall off.

The above is a disclaimer. We do not recommend purchasing if you have a part that you care about.
Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions before ordering, please feel free to contact us via chat or email.

➌ .About member registration

a: Benefits of membership registration If you register
for a YourDollar member, you can: you can use useful features.
◆Address book function
Customer information every time It saves you the hassle of typing and makes ordering products much easier.
◆Order history
past You can also check your shopping history and payment status.
In addition, there are other men's sex doll merits such as being able to use members-only services, so please use it by all me real life like love dolls ans.
Of course, if you do not register as a member, you can purchase products directly, so please rest assured.

b: Membership Registration and Withdrawal
By registering as a member on this site, you can use various member bene sexy sex doll fits It's a
If you would like to register as a member, click on Member Registration and enter a new registration application.
There will be no charge for membership registration or use after membership registration.
After registration, you can use it free of charge. Please rest assured.
Please contact us via email or chat about membership withdrawal.
We can handle the withdrawal procedure, but please note that it will take some time.

c: Confirmation and Change of Member Registration Information
Registration Information can be changed. If you want to change your membership information, please go to Modify your account information on My Page.
If you want to change your password, go to Change My Page password.